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Security Hubs represents a highly selective and closed managed security engineering global talent network that helps companies worldwide to elevate their current cybersecurity posture and protect themselves against costly Intellectual Property damages.

Pentesting, Consulting & Prevention to Keep Your Data Secure

1. Plan Wisely

2. Assess Quickly

3. Mitigate Risk

Plan Wisely | Assess Quickly | Mitigate Risk

Finding security issues is one thing, but it's another to find a partner you can trust.

We know your data and brand reputation mean everything to your company's success and that access to your sensitive information can't be given to just anyone.

Through its Security Skills as a Service model, Security Hubs helps companies worldwide plan wisely, assess quickly, and remediate the gaps faster, keeping their organizations running smoothly, on-premise, or in the cloud.

Why Security Managers Choose Working with Security Hubs

A service making a difference starts here.

Scalable Pricing

Scalable Pricing

We use "Virtual Coin", a model similar to the prepaid SIM card concept to correlate the cost of a security engineer / penetration tester with a tangible method to measure the effort of a flexible, cost-effective security service consumption.

You will be able to consume or carry on those whenever a security assessment need shows up, and having a program started right away.

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Meaningful Results with Zero Fluff

Meaningful Results with Zero Fluff

Imagine your business not just SOC2, ISO27001, HIPPA, or PCI-DSS compliance-ready, but reviewed, tested and hardened by top security engineers.

There are many other similar businesses out there promoting cutting corners alternatives. All we know is that threat actors are highly skilled, and they have their agenda. So do we, ready to help you keep your company protected.

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Optimized for Collaboration

Optimized for Collaboration

If you are looking to architect your company security strategy for the future, and tackle unexpected cybersecurity scenarios, consider elastic ideas. Security Skills as a Service model was crafted based on our decades of professional security engineering experience.

With us, you can start and collaborate on a pentest engagement or other cloud digital transformation projects in no time, benefiting from an optimized cost and senior experience. Also, we can work as part of either Agile or Waterfall life cycle models.

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Enhanced Coverage

Enhanced Coverage

When possible, we constantly push for penetration testing to perform source code security review.

Overall, a source code review approach's added value increased the possibility to pinpoint insecure development patterns, logic flaws, and other exotic vulnerabilities that might be missed during a standard appsec engagement with at least 20%.

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Ongoing Assets Monitoring

Ongoing Assets Monitoring

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of time and available resources to aggregate a large volume of signals and data. We are happy doing this for you, and by following a customized framework, we can uncover and highlight less know details related to your company-exposed assets.

We provide a custom report containing all the data discovered and analyzed, summarized, and filtered down to the traces that matter for your company's exposure security.

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A Plan of Action to Keep You Safe

A plan of action to keep you safe
Be the change You want to see

We assess the risk, find weaknesses, and help close the gaps.

We advise you on preventing future problems.

Together we move further with confidence.

Opinions and Technical Posts

  • Security Engineering

PDF Documents Metadata and Practical Examples of How to Handle It

In this blog post we explore and detail a couple of straightforward technical solutions that any business can consider during the process of limiting information exposure through its public documents metadata fields.

  • Security Engineering
  • C-Level

Pentest is Just the Beginning

The current shortage of security engineering skills has created a substantial market for contract-based pentesting - a gig-style, one-and-done arrangement driven by global freelancing and bug bounty platforms. Security Skills as a Service model is addressing this issue through a unique approach.

Dragos Stanescu - June 13, 2021
  • NIST Best Practices
  • Checklist

NIST 800-190 Application Container Security Risk Checklist

We share a simplified checklist alternative of NIST 800-190 "Application Container Security Guide" applicable to Docker/Kubernetes environments combined with various other public resources we consider helpful.

Security Hubs - June 30, 2021

Don't Take Our Word for It

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein
— "I was impressed at how they managed to find high severity issues in our platform."
Partner & Director, Cybersecurity Consulting Firm
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— "We are very satisfied with the work provided!"
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— "They confirmed my concerns and allowed me to react faster in addressing the risks."
IT Security Manager, Stepstone Group
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