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"In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry" - Roger Staubach

We reported so far ~1k issues.
Our clients are spending ~57% less on a security program.
We helped our clients avoiding losing ~$370k in IP damage.
Reach Goals That Matter

One Concept, Unlimited Flexible Solutions

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Skirmish Pentest
Skirmish Pentest

The Best Value for The Money

A unique approach designed for those clients looking to pay less but receive only Medium+ severity findings during a short testing window.

  • Quick Turn Around
  • Professional Pentesters
  • Focused on Impactful Findings Only
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180 Degree Offensive Pentest
"180 Degree" Offensive Pentest

A Second-to-None Pentest Experience

A focused pentesting approach, elevating the latest trends, techniques, and tooling arsenal on the market. We run two-week minimum engagements length primarily, trying to provide an accurate threat actor activity simulation.

  • Thorough Coverage
  • Customized and Highly Detailed Proof-of-Concepts (PoC)
  • Professional Pentesters
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240 Degree Security Program
[BETA STAGE] "240 Degree" Security Program

A continuously Eagle-eye Testing Approach

A powerful combination between our pentesting offensive and private bug bounty models representing the next security assurance level. We test for high-impact vulnerabilities proactively and also perform interval-based penetration testing compliance checks.

  • Thorough Coverage
  • Customized and Highly Detailed Proof-of-Concepts (PoC)
  • Top Security Engineers
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Before Us, the Majority of Our Clients Were Unaware About the Pentesting Real Value

Everyone could test and write pentest reports, but just a few can pinpoint what matters.

No Stone Unturned

We are focused on assessing, confirming, and reporting impactful findings that would provide a tactical advantage to a threat actor.

On-the-fly Issue Reporting

Using collaborative features, we report issues as they are found and confirmed through a Prof-of-Concept example.

Realtime Collaboration

We share details, ask questions, and collaborate with involved technical teams using dedicated secure communication channels.


We use a consistent vulnerability database of ~1.3k pre-defined issues to keep the overall findings reporting consistent and to the point.

Compliance Ready Reports

We compile and deliver reports that meet all major compliance needs, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, or GDPR.

Zero Fluff & Beyond

We strive to provide the best breath of findings, avoiding non-applicable testing results. We advise you, help to remediate and retest issues. No extra charge.

Why Security Managers Choose Working with Security Hubs

Any defense strategy should be built on offensive exercise results first.

Offensive Pentesting

Web Apps, API and Mobile pentesting is primarily performed on modern applications to identify and highlight security vulnerabilities.

Signature penetration testing reports, complete and rich in content, blended to tell your executive and technical teams a story.

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Cloud Gap Analysis

A Cloud Gap Analysis Review critically and comprehensively examines the logical network, applications, and services hosted by the cloud, helping you to avoid serious pitfalls while ensure your clients your cloud solution is secure and follow the best

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Source Code Security Review

There are two options to identify the vulnerabilities within an application, either through a grey box penetration testing or a source code review.

Also, you can combine both and benefit from a full security testing coverage.

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