Engagement Model

"In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry" - Roger Staubach

Engagement model

Selection Process

Power teams on each engagement

Power teams on each engagement

A penetration testing engagement experience is similar to having dinner at a restaurant and ordering the chef's dish. You can get an ordinary meal or a signature dish, flavor-rich plus a memorable moment.

Also, we are not constrained by a limited number of skilled people like 96% of all other similar companies out there, as we can scale up if necessary to 107 "T-shaped" senior individuals with a proven track of their professional offensive capabilities.

Driven by a simple motto, "We say what we do and do what we say", Security Hubs provides you services that go beyond just finding security issues; we provide you with a journey.

We prefer quality over quantity, and because of this, our network operates on an invite-only system. Every team member representing Security Hubs is manually handpicked, matching the engagement particularities and client's business model.

All our current security engineers went through a simple but effective selection and verification process that includes Infosec community notoriety validation, criminal and identity background checks, character analysis, video interview, and, last but not least, a hands-on skill assessment.

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Pentest delivrable quality assurance checklist

A true security partner

Engaging with us means you will be automatically integrated into our continuous umbrella advisory support, keeping your security strategy fluid and resilient against the latest threats landscape changes.

Also, we will work with you closely to help close security gaps. We use our real-time communication component to provide your technical teams with all the technical details they need, retest, and confirm changes. Furthermore, we will advise you what would be better to prioritize based on the latest intelligence signals matching your business profile.

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Focusing on Performance

Everyone could test and write pentest reports, but just a few can pinpoint what matters.

No Stone Unturned

We are focused on assessing, confirming, and reporting impactful findings that would provide a tactical advantage to a threat actor.

On-the-fly Issue Reporting

Using collaborative features, we report issues as they are found and confirmed through a Prof-of-Concept example.

Realtime Collaboration

We share details, ask questions, and collaborate with involved technical teams using dedicated secure communication channels.


We use a consistent vulnerability database of ~1.3k pre-defined issues to keep the overall findings reporting consistent and to the point.

Compliance Ready Reports

We compile and deliver reports that meet all major compliance needs, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, or GDPR.

Zero Fluff & Beyond

We strive to provide the best breath of findings, avoiding non-applicable testing results. We advise you, help to remediate and retest issues. No extra charge.

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