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Thanks to our highly selective, closed managed global network of security engineering experts, Security Hub offers you the most comprehensive evaluation of your security vulnerabilities available.

Bad actors exploit every possible opportunity to compromise your systems, but many security service providers arbitrarily limit the vulnerabilities they test.

We combine offensive penetration testing tactics, social, and cultural analytic skills with behavioral science, providing realtime insights into threat actors' tradecraft and a complete assessment of any risks.

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  • Expert matter professionals with a diverse skillset
  • Military inspired selection process
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Optimized for Collaboration

Optimized for Collaboration

If you are looking to architect your company security strategy for the future, and tackle unexpected cybersecurity scenarios, consider elastic ideas. Security Skills as a Service model was crafted based on our decades of professional security engineering experience.

With us, you can start and collaborate on a pentest engagement or other cloud digital transformation projects in no time, benefiting from an optimized cost and senior experience.

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Relevant Results

Relevant Results

There are many other similar businesses out there promoting cutting corners alternatives. All we know is that threat actors are highly skilled, and they have simple goals. So do we, ready to help boost up and maintain your company security posture.

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Scalable Pricing

Scalable Pricing

We use "Virtual Coin", a model similar to the prepaid (e)SIM card concept to correlate the cost of a security engineer / penetration tester with a tangible method to measure the effort of a flexible, cost-effective security service consumption.

You will be able to use your virtual coins whenever a security assessment need shows up, and start a pentest right away.

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Enhanced Coverage

Enhanced Coverage

We constantly advise clients to widen the scope and provide us with the source code for a security review when possible.

Overall, a secure code review approach increases the possibility to pinpoint insecure development patterns, logic flaws, and other exotic vulnerabilities that might be missed during a standard appsec engagement with at least 20%.

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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

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  • Pentesting Jenkins

Get to Know What to Look After When Pentesting Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines

If you're looking to get into the world of Jenkins and CI/CD pipelines, this blog post is for you. I'll cover what Jenkins is, the benefits of using it, what are the most important CVEs affecting it, and a couple of resources worth looking into. Then you can use all this knowledge to your advantage and secure your pipeline.

  • Penetration Testing
  • C-Level

Pentesting in a Changing World - Where Do We Go from Here?

We all know that traditional pentesting solutions and bug bounty programs are not perfect. They both bring unique benefits, but they also get bogged down by practical problems like financial or functional limitations - which means you're still vulnerable to attacks if those issues aren't fixed first.

  • API / Misconfiguration
  • Google Maps

A Pentester Story - How to Increase the Impact of a Underrated Issue

Too many organizations are risking their financial stability by not implementing proper security boundaries when using the Google Maps API Key. If you're in charge of an application that needs access to this service, be sure you have configured properly and placed appropiate security controls to prevent external abuse.

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